Trump Duped Into Killing Iran Military Leader Soleimani Because He Was Effective in Decimating the Ziobergs’ ISIS, ISIL, et al

Zionists seek world domination. They are currently collaborating with other powerful people (the Bilderberg Group, et al). I call this collaboration the “Ziobergs.”

The Ziobergs orchestrated 9/11 to dupe the United States into greatly expanding its military presence in the Middle East and to fight Israel’s enemies for it. The Zionists short-term goal is to expand Israel’s borders and control the entire Middle East.

The Ziobergs created ISIS, ISIL, al Qaeda, and other terrorist groups to try to commandeer Syria, Iraq, and more of the Middle East. Russia and Iran greatly assisted the U.S. in decimating those groups. However, the Ziobergs then duped President Trump into assassinating Iran’s military leader, Soleimani.

Unfortunately, Trump has many Ziobergs in his administration who can successfully deceive him into implementing their wishes. Let’s hope that he can see through their manipulations in the future and oust them.

Fox News Aiding Globalist George Soros?

Chris Farrell of Judicial Watch was recently on Lou Dobbs program on Fox Business Channel. During the interview, Farrell told Dobbs that billionaire globalist George Soros is a major financier of the Central American invasion force headed to the United States.

After the interview ended, Fox Business deleted the story from its website and banned Chris Farrell from any further appearances on Fox Business Channel!

Here is a link to the story as reported by Alex Jones’ Lou Dobbs.